E-Plex Products

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E-Plex Modules

E-Plex products work together to produce highly efficient systems ranging from simple lighting systems to complex full electrical systems controlling elements from engines, to batteries to air conditioning.

Electronic control modules (Clock Modules)

Electronic Control modules are the heart and brain of the system. They power the Bus network enabling many modules to operate without a separate power supply. They also hold the main program and initiate and control the communication between all the modules. The 450 has a larger memory enabling it to hold programs for larger systems.

Switch & Display Interface Modules

E-Plex has a range of user interfaces for users. From simple but flexible rocker switch arrays, through multi touch region backlit touch switches through full colour touch screen interfaces with multiple pages.

E-Plex also interfaces to market leading third party products such as EnOcean wireless light switches and the full range of Apple and Android touch screen devices.

Digital I/O & Motor Modules

E-Plex has a range of DC power distribution modules. Many of these have unique features making them ideal for switching tasks found in marine and specialist vehicle applications.

Engine & Equipment Modules

Display (and control) generator, engine, power electronics and other information via the CAN interface. Use information from other systems to control functions on board.

Dedicated interfaces exist for Victron products allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into the overall system.

Tanks and HVAC Modules

Temperature and light level modules bring environmental controls into your system. A range of tank sensor options bring tank contents to your screen and allows your system to create alarms and incorporate pump control.

AC Power & Lighting Modules

E-Plex goes beyond DC! With a range of AC monitoring, control and distribution modules your AC circuits are as controllable and integrated as your DC systems.

DC Power & Relay Modules

Over and above the DC solid state (digital) modules we can offer a range of relay control modules, primary DC distribution boards with battery isolators and DC monitoring.

Analog Interface Modules

0-10 volt and 4-20mA inputs and outputs can all be accommodated within the system

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