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Marine System Examples


E-Plex Dealer: Energy Solutions


E-Plex technology has been integrated into the Lagoon 560 since inception. Each of the luxury catermerans has the multiplexing technology onboard with two panels; one comprising a touch screen interface that integrates with modules throughout the vessel. The multiplexing modules control and monitor the AC circuits on board including the generator, AC Changeover, AC Distribution. The system also controls the DC power including selected lighting, fridges & pumps.

E-Plex technology allows CNB to install sophisticated monitoring and control systems within their build program quickly and easily. Their highly sophisticated assembly line builds much of the boats in modular units. Each unit can be constructed with their own monitoring modules so that at the final stage all modules can be easily connected together.

The helm panels are a bespoke design a collaboration between CNB and Energy Solutions engineering department.

"E-Plex has brought sophisticated monitoring and control to these luxury vessels since their inception."

Mark Penny, Energy Solutions

Lagoon Screen


E-Plex Dealer: Tech Design Solutions


Nisi, a manufacturer of vessels primarily designed for the US market, chose to go with E-Plex to push the boundaries of control and monitoring on a mid-size vessel.

The key elements that attracted Nisi were the easy integration with other on-board devices including panels and Victron units, E-Plex’s amazing range of functionality, and the fact that it could be wholly customised to any individual requirements - much more than any comparable system on the market.

Tech Design Solutions have worked very closely with Nisi during the first boat designs and installations to ensure their engineers were able to get the system working exactly as they wanted it.

The system is headed by a 12" touchscreen position at the helm. This gives full monitoring of AC and DC power on board, allows starting and stopping of the generator, individual control and monitoring of AC breakers, group activation such as "All Aircon" on/off, zone control for lighting and alarm monitoring. The screen fitted is a full pc with network functionality which allows remote access anytime for service/upgrades by the engineering team.

"We have a great working relationship with Nisi which allows us to work closely with them from supply, through to design, installation and ongoing updates."

Karl Smith, Tech Design Solutions

Lagoon Screen

Vehicle System Examples


E-Plex Dealer: Energy Solutions


A long standing customer of E-Plex technology, Sovereign have now built over 22 horseboxes using the multiplexing technology to deliver high end technology to their discerning customers.

Working alongside Sovereign, Energy Solutions design and configure the E-Plex monitoring and control systems to incorporate new box designs, customer requests and new on board technology. Every system is semi-custom built to ensure it fits the customer’s requirements exactly. The system is then supplied to Sovereign to install as best suits them within their build program.

Within the horseboxes the E-Plex system controls the majority of the domestic power requirements via the main control panel, and via the remote iPad control. The control panels have numerous screens, all branded as needed, and allow pre-programming and on-going monitoring of all elements of the system.

"E-Plex brings intelligent controls and resource saving functions into each Sovereign Horsebox. This gives owners total control when they are out on the road via the intuitive touch screen panels."

Dan Cox, Energy Solutions

Sovereign Horsebox Screen


E-Plex Dealer: Energy Solutions


LDV manufacture a range of custom command and control vehicles for Police, Fire and Ambulance services. They use E-Plex to provide a flexible, customisable, platform for these systems. Having a Multiplex solution allows them to meet short customer lead times and demanding custom configurations.

E-Plex has also been used on civil applications such as promotional buses, Tool delivery and mobile retail.

"Specialist vehicles have complex requirements for power and monitoring. E-Plex is the perfect answer."

Mark Penny, Energy Solutions

LDV Screen

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